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How we manage assets

Our asset management company Sigma Global Management specializes in the implementation of a strategy which works on the regression - the basic mechanism of the market appertaining to the ability of an asset's price to revert to its average values.

The main focus of a manager is a systematic search of the assets that have significantly deviated from their average values and are forming the correct model of reversion to the average values.

My name is Vladislav, I am Chief Investment Officer at a management company Sigma Global Management.

I focus on the processes of organizing the company's legal and Investment Relations activity and compliance mechanisms. Risk police and a team associated with the development of new unique investment solutions and products in accordance with the client's profile - this is my concern, along with the competent and perfect execution of the ideas engineered on Buy-side.

My name is Aleksandr, I am Senior Portfolio Manager at a management company Sigma Global Management.

I manage our Buy-side activity and investment ideas/trading positions generation process. My focus is to find and implement best analytical practices, select the perfect positions for your portfolio, weighing positions and managing them. A strong team of professionals - from strategy architects to full-time researchers and my constant presence in the market - this is our competent advantage.

We have created an investment product that allows investors to take advantage of the stock market opportunities with an excellent risk / return ratio.

We strive to systematically generate a market-neutral yield using a disciplined mathematical-statistical approach.

  • Protection against market risks

    In the event of a market crash, an investor's portfolio will be protected from a fall.

  • High liquidity

    Investors can withdraw their capital due to any reason in just 3 working days.

  • Flexibility

    An investor is free to independently choose the risk / return ratio that he / she deems to be acceptable.

  • Absolute transparency

    We use the managed accounts infrastructure, which means that the investor at any time controls assets, performance and profitability.


  • Needs protection from losses
  • Needs high liquidity
  • Has investment horizon less than 6 months
  • Has multi-currency portfolio
  • Needs broad hedge against market volatility
  • Wants the best performance
  • Wants to multiply the investments if market crashes
  • Wants day-to-day reporting and participation
  • Wants elaborate strategy for sophisticated needs
  • Wants dedicated Portfolio Manager

You decide - we create the best suitable approach

  • Pure performance
  • Professional Trading Strategies
  • Sophisticated Engineering
  • Highly Skilled Team
  • Responsible Administration
  • Strict Risk Control
  • Smart Non-linear Approach
  • Comprehensive Assistance

Our management team

  • Our strategic goal is to set global standards

  • Standards are set by those who have a professional status

  • To have the status, one has to solve issues of any complexity

  • Complex issues require a tailor-made approach and quality work

  • Quality work is possible, when your client is your top priority

  • That's why we value and respect our clients

Our Asset Management group is focused on its’ clients and guarantees personal and financial data security and good corporate conduct in order to meet international standards and stay one step ahead to rich the clients’ goals, no matter how demanding they may be.

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